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  • 4 inspiring photographers of the Pacific Northwest

    There are several thousands of talented photographers all over the world.  There are a handful that truly inspire me.  Not only are they incredible photographers but they are extremely generous people.  A few of these gifted photogs I have met and the others I hope to meet. (I’m not saying other photographers aren’t good people, […]

  • Hosting for your Website

      Over many years of trying to find a decent hosting for my website I found a reliable service.  Time after time I was sick of my website going down due to server issues.  Not only server issues but when I called I couldn’t understand what they were saying. has been extremely helpful transferring […]

  • Versatile Motion Control for Timelapse and Film

    Browsing through my social media today I stumbled across a kickstarter from Dynamic Perception and had to share.  Check out this incredible video they made for it. This product is something I could see myself using everyday.  Here is a little information I stole from there kickstarter page:  A core lightweight rotary axis weighs only 3 […]

  • Northern Lights in Central Oregon

    It was 12am when I read from photographer friend Gary Randall that the Aurora Borealis would be showing up strong in Oregon.  I immediately grabbed my camera gear and hit the door running.  As I started driving up the Cascade Lakes Highway I could see it was going to be a good night for night […]

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