Born and raised in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest has always been my home. The forest was my backyard and the mountains were my vacation. I love the statement I live where you vacation. Oregon is something special. The people, food, and beer you will not find anywhere else in the world.

When I was young I frequently spent hours in the forest building tree forts, digging holes, and trying to get lost with my younger brother. If I wasn’t in the forest I was skateboarding and snowboarding as much as possible. These three things really pushed me towards photography. I wanted to show people the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and get an adrenaline rush by doing it. If it wasn’t dangerous I wasn’t into doing it.

Now that I am older I have calmed down a lot but the outdoors still runs through my veins. Everyday I dream of being outside or building my own tree fort to live in. Currently I live in Central Oregon as a Web Designer/Photography and still love to snowboard everyday. Proud to be apart of a great community who supports local artists.