Backpacking Broken Top’s No Name Lake

In the Three Sisters Wilderness sits a mountain that has the character of a 100 year old man. The wrinkles on his face show a life of hard work. He can’t stand up straight from the days out in the cold weather. This man is named Broken Top. Broken Top is an extinct volcano located 20 miles West of Bend, Oregon. The erosion caused by glaciers and eruptions has given this mountain character you won’t see anywhere else in Oregon.

During the summer I took a few trips around the area and one to a place called, “No Name Lake.” The lake sitting at 8000′ isn’t any easy spot to get to, unless road 370 is open. 370 is an old forest service road that is open for 2-4 months out of the year. You need a high clearance vehicle to access the road. My Subaru does ok on the road, but you have to be careful. On a hot summer day this trail can become a little crowded compared to the past. The day I went I saw between 50-100 people on the trail in the 2.5 mile hike.

I set up my camp 50 feet from the lake. During the day I scouted out compositions and played with my dog in the glacier water. At night the moon was full and I could literally see everything. The only sounds I could hear were the glacier melting and the wind.

The sunrise is what I was there to capture and it was incredible. I’ve never woken up at 8000′. I was able to enjoy solitude while everyone was still sleeping. After sunrise I crawled back in my sleeping bag to warm up for a few then made my way back down the mountain. For others who are looking to enjoy this trip I would suggest not going on the weekend and wake up early.

The photos below are from my solo trip last summer.

Camping Broken Top Oregon

Broken Top Sunrise

Broken Top Camp Life

Broken Top Summit

Three Sisters from Broken Top

German Shepard In Water

Broken Top Sunset

German Shepard Sunset

German Shepard Summiting Mountain


February 7, 2015
Central Oregon
Oregon Photography

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