Chush Falls Hike

Last weekend a friend and I decided to take a trip out to Chush Falls outside of Sister’s Oregon.  Going off quick directions online we headed out the door for a last minute trip. We left around 2pm and piled the dogs into the back of my friends 4runner. We were in Sisters and made our first turn off. Due to the Pole Creek Fire in 2013 the trail has now changed and we had no idea (my fault for not triple checking my resources).  The trail is now almost twice the length as before. Which is still fairly short, but like I said we left last minute.  We decided to go for the hike anyway.  As we started walking down the old dirt road you could see the damage the fire has done.  Sad to see, but turned the trail into a surreal landscape.  We were the only people out on the trail so there was no asking for directions from anyone. Someone nailed signs into some of the trees to point you to the falls. We knew we were on the right track, but were still hesitant about where we were going.

Eventually after a mile or so we came to what looked like the old parking lot for the original trailhead.  Someone made an arrow out of sticks pointing to a trail.  As we headed down the trail we realized it was a trick.  Now I thought it was the hills have eyes and quickly scrambled out of there back to the old parking lot and found a sign to the real trailhead.  I don’t know how we missed it, but leave it to me to hear the sound of water and mosy off the path.  We finally knew we were on the right trail and someone was nice enough to mark the trail with ribbons.  There were fallen trees in parts of the trail and without those ribbons the trail would have been hard to see.

After around two miles we made it to the falls.  The falls are surrounded by trees all around and act like a canopy to the falls.  It was in the shade the entire time we were there. As I pulled out my camera I realized I forgot my polarizer.  Just my luck! I wasn’t to worried about it because the Chush isn’t the most photogenic waterfall.  The mist coming off the falls is insane.  Almost makes it impossible to take a picture.  I ended up taking a few snaps with my cell phone and called it a day.  It is a spot I would love to return to during the winter.  I can see Chush being beautiful frozen over during mid January.





May 14, 2014
Central Oregon
Oregon Photography

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