Proxy Falls In the Winter

A few years back I saw a photo from Matt Abinante of Proxy Falls frozen very similar to this. It was a dream of mine to make it back here when the conditions were right. Every year I waited for it to get cold enough and have the timing right. Well this past year it finally came true.

I left my house around 4:30am and headed to Proxy Falls to meet two really good friends at the gate. We started the hike in the dark not sure what to expect. As we turned the corner towards the viewpoint our jaws dropped.

We sat at the bottom for a good amount of time in awe. I remember Matt’s photo of a hiker at the bottom and wanted to get a similar one to print for my friend. Turns out it is the one I like the best. So thank you Matt if you ever read this.

It was an incredible day as we rock climbed up and around the frozen beauty. It was tough on my body trying to climb in a cast (broke my hand), but my friends were good sports and helped me carry my gear.

During the summer Proxy Falls is a mild half mile hike on highway 242. During the winter Proxy Falls is closed a few miles down the road. If you are looking to hike this in the winter I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who hasn’t been there. In fact I don’t know if I would recommend it at all. The timing has to be perfect. Below freezing temps for a significant amount of time and not a lot of snow, to much snow can make it difficult to snow shoe.

While we were a huge chunk of ice on the face broke off. Sounded like an avalanche it was so loud. If you do go when it is warming please be careful around the face.

Proxy Falls Frozen In The Winter

Frozen Proxy Falls Detail

Winter at Proxy Falls

Waterfall Three Sisters Wilderness

Proxy Falls Log

Ice Climbing Proxy Falls

Climber on Frozen Proxy Falls


February 14, 2015
Central Oregon
Oregon Photography

Skyler Hughes

February 24, 2015

Thanks Stacy it was a fun and unique opportunity.

Stacy Brantley

February 20, 2015

Love the story here as well as all your others. Most pictures of Proxy don't give you a sense of scale until you add a person. Great shots, great adventure. I really like the one where you got someone to climb part way up.

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