Tumalo Mountain Winter Hike

Yesterday to celebrate MLK I headed to Tumalo Mountain for the first time this year. The weather called for a clearing around sunrise and that is what I was expecting. I woke up around 4:30am and headed out the door by 5am.

Tumalo Mountain is a volcano located across the street from Mt. Bachelor. (where the trail is) During the winter it is a popular spot for snowshoers, skiers, and snowmobilers. Depending on where you hike to, it can be between 3-4 miles round trip. Around 1-2 miles you have beautiful views of Mt. Bachelor. Within 30 miles of Bend, Oregon you can be up in the snow within a half hour.

Arriving in the parking lot it was still pitch black. I strapped my snowshoes on and started hiking. There was an inch of fresh which made for an easy hike. As I gained elevation the wind chill started dropping and the snow started falling. I still had an hour until sunrise and was hoping the wind would push the clouds out.

As the sun started to rise (well not really) I couldn’t leave without taking a few photos to document my trip. I turned my headlamp on, set my timer, and found a spot where the trees had formed a unique shape. I sat down and watched my two dogs play while I tried to wait the weather out.

Again I was skunked on Tumalo Mountain. The clouds didn’t clear and I sat there wondering why the hell I got up at 4:30am. Photography can be very frustrating when the weather doesn’t turn out. The ecosystem around the mountains is very hard to predict. One second it is sunny, the next second you are stuck in a blizzard. I always remind myself that this is the reason why I do photography. When you get that perfect shot it makes it all worth it. Here are a few shots I took along the way:

Tumalo Mountain Snowshoe

Husky Dog Snow Hike

Trees tumalo mountain

German Shepard Snow

Tree Detail Tumalo Mountain

Husky Dog In Winter Snow


January 21, 2015
Central Oregon
Oregon Photography

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